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    Starts May

    I am very pleased that between ARTification, ATM, Touchwood Trees, Cultivate London, Berrymede Junior School, Bollo Brook Youth Centre and our other partners, we will be working together to improve the environment in South Acton.

    From ARTifications perspective and with support from Acton Gardens community chest project we plan to develop the 'Green Refuge' project that aims to Create an Urban oasis and “green” South Acton Estate and hope that you can join us in this venture.

    We will be working with residents, children, young people and older people to help make ecological art, plant vegetables and flowers. 

    We will run workshops, community events and harvest festival to engage people in food growing, arts and community activities.

    We will make vegetables, herbs and flowers available to residents between May and October 2018.


    Create artworks - paintings or mosaics to transform by the imaginative planting and placing of the art and wooden features, including the creation of insect hotels and other installations.


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