The Acton Open 2019

    Acton Open 2019 W3 Gallery Acton

    The Acton Open 2019

    2nd Aug - 9th Sept


    Open submission exhibition that features local artists working across painting, photography, sculpture.

    2 August - 9 September


    Agnes Habas
    Amanda Wright 
    Christine Frois
    Erin Deighton
    Gaye Black
    Julianna Adamkiewicz
    Kristofer Rahim Afful Brown 
    Marek Jakubowski
    Margot Peters
    Maryla Podarewska Jacubowski
    Paola Alì
    Paul Fisher
    Peter Filbey
    Robert Burrows 
    Sophie Meyer
    Valerio Lettieri
    Vivek Pereira

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    W3 Gallery

    185 High St, Acton, London W3 9DJ

    51.5073106, -0.27189129999999

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