Eco Art Exhibition, Spotlight on Jai Toor

    Jai Toor pictured with his photographic work, "The Future of Farming".

    Eco Art Exhibition, Spotlight on Jai Toor

    Local Artists.... Global Concerns

    The visual language of this multi-layered work expresses the conflicts and challenges that face us as we attempt to deal with unprecedented population growth, alongside the rapid decline in the amount of land available to feed that population.The pleasingly warm colour palette clashes with the bleakness of the industrial landscape. We appear to have wandered into a nightmare, yet the scene depicts a relatively low impact method of producing a high volume of food, which we may or may not choose to utilise for the future. Without lecturing us, this work leads viewers to consider our choices with care.

    Jai says of his work: "Science, technology and globalisation are some of the key themes  (of this) major project; The Future of Farming. The work oscillates between utopian and dystopian themes emphasising that we are in a precarious position as we face down the possibility of future food and environmental crisis. According to my research there is a way out; however, innovators and investors are marginalised by the political and economic landscape they find themselves in, meaning the future of farming is uncertain."

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