Tim Norice Work
Sculptor, landscape

Tim Norris

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Tim has a range of experience in both exhibiting and constructing commissioned work in the landscape. A proven track record of Commissions and Residencies, Including, Artist in Residence at The Irwell Sculpture Trail, The Grizedale Forest, and The National Cycle Network.

Pete Seeger Prints Hanging



I’ve only just begun my journey in printmaking. For a good part of my life I didn’t allow myself to ‘create’. I would spend my time wasting time. Now I’m taking the STEPS necessary to live the best life I can live. Take it easy, but take it! I’m from New York City, but have been living in ‘ManhActon’ for almost twenty years.

Kings Road mural 2023
Woodvale estate
Muralist, abstract painter



Karc (born on 06.07.1994) earned her Master's degree in sculpture from Gdansk's Academy of Fine Arts in May 2019. After graduation, she relocated to Alaska and later to New York, experiencing life in both a remote village near glaciers with real threats of bears and lynxes, and the vibrant urban jungle of New York City. In December 2019, she volunteered in Eastern Ukraine, helping people living in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict zone.
Amidst the pandemic, she moved to London and began decorating the city with abstract graffiti compositions, contributing to the rare representation of women in street art.

Cat Sparrey
Neon Pink Cat Screenprint
Print Designer

Cat Sparrey


Born and bred Acton based Print Designer.

Marina Renee - Cemmick
Heron - Longs
Mural Painting, Figurative oil painting, Drawing, Live Performance Drawing

Marina Renee Cemmick


I am a London Based multidisciplinary artist, whose work stems from a strong figurative drawing practice. I work in the studio on oil paintings and charcoal drawings, interested in capturing movement and often working from dance and theatre performances. I also paint bright vibrant murals using spray paint on exterior walls under the name Mimi Murals. I am part of WOM Collective and have been commissioned by The Lyric Theatre, Rights Respecting, Longs and collaborated with projects supported by MyMurals.

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Artist and musician

Martin Lau


Martin's practice reflects a lifelong fascination with a non-dualistic conception of the world, which both feeds and is informed by his interest in Buddhism, where states considered to be binary opposites can co-exist in the same time and place. The heightened sense of reality as encountered in dreams and moments of clarity is at the core of his work. His pursuit of photography, video and timbre-based electronic music can be traced back to his school days.

Photomontage and music has been the basis of much of his recent practice, but he employs whichever medium he finds most appropriate for a given project, and works include sculpture, assemblage, and chocolates moulded from his own body. He performs and records under the name "Flooded Access", and in the audio/visual project "on&off"

Into the Wild
Painter and performance

Alexander Michael

Art Facilitation
Freelance Designer & Artworker | Community Arts Facilitator

Sarah Olive Edwards

Bio: Sarah has worked in the creative industries for 14+ years as a freelance graphic designer, and has now expanded into the area of arts facilitation.

Sarah’s involvement with collective arts creation was stirred most recently while creating a mural at local mental health charity MindFood, and she went on to be a co-founder of Welcome Create, a community art group at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery.

She enjoys working with all ages, and values listening to the needs and desires of those involved to co-produce ideas, creating a sense of learning via exploration and peer-to-peer interactions, connection and increased self-confidence.

Mandella. South Acton.
Street Art.



Originally from France, Zabou moved to and started painting London in 2012. She has since then been on a self-appointed mission to paint as much of the capital as possible. With a seemingly endless supply of fresh designs to work with, Zabou is very much one of London?s most proactive artists.

Her works are striking, humourous and thought-provoking, set to elicit a range of emotions upon viewing, depending on the message each mural conveys. Working with a combination of stencil and freehand techniques, she likes to question society and to poke fun at conformists. First and foremost however is the fact that each of Zabou?s subjects are drawn from her personal experiences, taking what she sees around her and projecting it to a new audience.

Beyond this, and what is fundamental about Zabou?s work, is her innate ability to integrate the location and surroundings with her artworks: not just wishing to paint on the street, she makes them part of the street. The pieces harmonise with their surroundings and in turn create something which allows its audience to engage with the work as an installation. This is the very essence of street art and something few artists master, but certainly one of Zabou?s greatest talents.

Her witty and thoughtful designs have given her a much sought after reputation, leading her to travel the world to spread her artistic message of love, fun or rebellion. She has painted in England, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai and the U.S.A. Beyond her travels, Zabou?s accomplishments include speaking events such as the prestigious TedX conferences on the subject ?Everything you know is wrong? in Limassol, Cyprus (2014), seeing her artwork published in books including: Planet Banksy by Ket (2014) and The World?s 50 Best Women Street Artists by Graffito Books (2017), as well as having her work exhibited at the famous Saatchi Gallery in London as part of the ?XX: A Moment In Time? show curated by Olly Walker (2016).

Zabou is an artist whose techniques and boldness are constantly evolving. She is certainly not set to be stopping on her journey anytime soon, fortunately she has to much left to say to the world.

series #1

Wai Lok Cheung


My practice is about boundaries. I believe The rise of the idea of “posthuman” had, in many ways, shaken the fundamentals of dualism. To think that there is an absolute binary relationship between human and machines, nature and culture, object and image, identity, gender ... etc, is simply missing a lot regarding the quintessence of being. And I believe this “missing” is where contemporary art needto engage. Thus I like to work around blurring and challenging these boundaries.I work with image, live art and various forms of media.

I am currently working withbiometric data and computer language, and how the entanglement of the two creating a condition where I am in between physical and non - physical existence, me becoming together with the machine.

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