Sevda Uykan
"Funeral" by "Sevda Uykan"

Sevda Uykan


Contemporary artist / Painter/ Writer

It's about time, cyanotype print , acrylic and Pigments on canvas
Multimedia artist

Georgie Moore


Nudes and nature are my most prominent source of inspiration and subject. I believe that depicting people in their most natural form expresses a sense of honesty and vulnerability. Furthermore, clothes would date the image and constrict the artwork to a precise moment in time. I try to make the era and location somewhat ambiguous and unrecognizable, because I like to create images that are both comforting with their familiarity, but also raise curiosity and questions open to each personal interpretation.

In an aim to rekindle a somewhat lost relationship with something that is fundamental to our survival and well-being, my work focuses on the human relationship with nature. Female forms are reoccurring in my practice as they too have the ability to create and bring new life to the world. For this reason, they play the role of a metaphor for mother nature herself. Furthermore, I often include animals that I have had personal experiences with and enjoy researching their symbolic meaning

I begin by roughly sketching out my idea, and then do a cyanotype print; a photosensitive chemical process which needs to be exposed in the sun. The outcome varies dramatically depending on weather conditions and time of year. I then paint over the print with acrylic paint. The cyanotype stains the canvas, whereas the acrylic sits on the surface, creating a real contrast in textures. Furthermore, it combines a natural phenomenon with a man made medium. I also enjoy playing with scale by having recognisable plants larger than the figures, as it emphasizes how we are a small part of the world and not the center, nor the most significant...

Mandala Artist

Ekta Mody Pathak

Storybeyondlines was conceptualized by myself, aimed at bringing the traditional & spiritual art to the world. To promote art which not only brings joy to people, but also has soothing and transformative effects on ones’ energy, has been a key theme of Storybeyondlines.

A self-taught artist, I have had a deep inclination for art since childhood and have been creating artwork since more than a decade.
Over the years, I realized that I wanted to bring to the world the art that would make someone feel connected to his/her spiritual energy, and therefore my passion for the mandala art grew and I took to her calling to bring forward this artwork to a wider audience. With numerous workshops to my side, and many customized art-works created for my clients, I have been deeply rooted to expressing and bringing forward my art form across borders.

Mixed media, sculpture, digital art and collage
Mixed Media

M Dillon

M Dillon Artist

M Dillon is an artist and designer who makes mixed media collage and sculpture that might appear superficially decorative or humorous, but there is a narrative beyond the decoration that aims to provoke a specific response of disquiet.

Sarah McAlister
Turn to the light: bobbin lace, wire and glass

Sarah McAlister

I am a textile and mixed media artist working with found objects. My mission is to re-use and recycle discarded materials in a transformative way. Recognising that an alternative view can also be beautiful.
I run creative workshops at my local library.

Tim Norice Work
Sculptor, landscape

Tim Norris

My Website

Tim has a range of experience in both exhibiting and constructing commissioned work in the landscape. A proven track record of Commissions and Residencies, Including, Artist in Residence at The Irwell Sculpture Trail, The Grizedale Forest, and The National Cycle Network.

Kings Road mural 2023
Woodvale estate
Muralist, abstract painter



Karc (born on 06.07.1994) earned her Master's degree in sculpture from Gdansk's Academy of Fine Arts in May 2019. After graduation, she relocated to Alaska and later to New York, experiencing life in both a remote village near glaciers with real threats of bears and lynxes, and the vibrant urban jungle of New York City. In December 2019, she volunteered in Eastern Ukraine, helping people living in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict zone.
Amidst the pandemic, she moved to London and began decorating the city with abstract graffiti compositions, contributing to the rare representation of women in street art.

Brighter days coming after a difficult tunnel.
Drawing, printmaking, painting, photography,installation and sculpture.

Ruby Khan

See my website

Ruby has recently graduated with a Fine Arts BA (Hons) degree at the University of East London. She specialises in printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Her work intends to trigger ideas around the diversity and history of London from a personal perspective. Her work is celebrating the physical and emotional journey she has undertaken throughout her life.; Art supported her throughout her life in speaking and writing. At the age of five, Ruby was diagnosed with a speech-language impairment affecting her self-confidence. Through the ongoing support of a charity called Contact a Family, Ruby has grown into a strong independent and fearless individual expressed in her prints. Inspired by German expressionist art as she uses shapes, abstract colours and gestural mark-making. She is available for commissions.


Teddy Baden


Teddy Baden is not simply driven by a fascination with dogs. Literally viewing them as ‘Hairy Aliens, living amongst us’… his artwork is a celebration of an incredible relationship, of human society’s historic and endearing subsumption of another species. 'Fly Bye' 2015 Near Latimer Road, West London pictured.




Professional expressionist artist from Ukraine. I have been in the creative field for 20 years. During this time, I founded my own art gallery and drawing school, sold paintings in Europe, Canada and USA.

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