Jacqui Sinnatt photo
Roaring Lion Hear me Roar image by Jacqui Sinnatt
Digital artist, photographer

Jacqui Sinnatt


The Stars, The Sea and My Longing
Multidisciplinary Artist

Laura Bodo Lajber


In every work I create, I put all I have inside. Every piece tells a story, and it is the result of a very specific feeling. All of them are unique pieces created in a time of internal burning. I find no sense in creating a piece without having a strong sickening need to do so. My pieces are made of fire.

In the studio
Some of my artworks
Drawer and painter



I'm a new artist. I used to draw in my teens age and later as most of us just give up. Now the pandemic makes me go back to my hobbie. Unfortunately, I have no website yet but using social media.

Artist In Action - Captured by Street Art Atlas
Street Artist



Morgan Davy, Full time, self taught, British outsider artist,
Spray painting the streets since 2001, and working with clients, running workshops and curating events since 2004.

Art residencies include: Lebanon, Africa, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland and Paris..
Art collectives include : TAA - RA - MSC - RMC - ETL - REK - PBC…

Most often known for his style of improvisational street art under the
name ‘MORGASMIK’, lesser known under such aliases as ‘MORGANARCHY’,
‘MORGANIC’ ‘ ‘MORGANISM’ which are used by the artist to portray a
vast range of explorational mediums and alternative creative platforms.

Art critic Nick Razzo once described one of Morgan’s pieces
"Like a sort of hypnagogic supernova all mixed up with Francis Bacon
and the brain scans of someone enjoying an orgasm. At one point it
seems like a sea of rare chemicals on a distant planet, at another it
resembles a monstrous bird. The attention to detail is awesome,
ensuring that if you are examining it from three inches away or 10 feet,
you get a mighty jolt of aesthetic pleasure. If this nature of art was a
genre of music, it could be found under a ’psychedelic surf-funk’ section!”

Almost as if an act of social, or self-therapy, each piece he paints in public, is like an an expressive
statement, or a peaceful protest in restoring the value of human potential & faith in Artistic freedom.

His intentions are to become a unique & personal experience to the viewer, stimulating new thought
patterns & imagination, inviting them to look within and awaken an inner depth of dormant senses,
breaking down possible conditioning and preconceived notions the viewer may have along the way,
whilst connecting with them through a mutual resonance in the universal language of Art & inspiration.

This is important to Morgan, as he witnesses and is sensitive to the dull lack of honest creativity
+ colour use in societies day-to-day capital, and with this motive, attempts to restore imbalances by
decorating urban grey matter with his rosy glow of colour vitality & free-flowing pattern undulation,
A calling to the direction of Art to be more inclusive, free and publicly accessible to wider audiences.

Candid street photographer armed with a camera

Yasmin Centeno

This is my personal portfolio

I am a photographer based out of Acton. I specialise in outdoor photography, mainly street, fashion, portrait and travel. I am happy to do commissions and shoots.

Boy with dandelion is my picture tag
Art & street art

Leonard Lesic


My messages are pointing out on people consciousness, to be free and more tolerant, to have good spirit. Beauty is in simplicity, not in complications.

series #1

Wai Lok Cheung


My practice is about boundaries. I believe The rise of the idea of “posthuman” had, in many ways, shaken the fundamentals of dualism. To think that there is an absolute binary relationship between human and machines, nature and culture, object and image, identity, gender ... etc, is simply missing a lot regarding the quintessence of being. And I believe this “missing” is where contemporary art needto engage. Thus I like to work around blurring and challenging these boundaries.I work with image, live art and various forms of media.

I am currently working withbiometric data and computer language, and how the entanglement of the two creating a condition where I am in between physical and non - physical existence, me becoming together with the machine.

Hyein Choi
Currently running 'Mobile Community Museum' project in North Acton for bringing the history and the people of the area together.
Social designer

Hyein Choi

Adding soon/ Instagram @hailey_huiren

A social designer who wants to make groundbreaking changes in our society.
Currently running 'Mobile Community Museum' project in North Acton for bringing the history and the people of the area together.

Mixed media, sculpture, digital art and collage
Mixed Media

M Dillon

M Dillon Artist

M Dillon is an artist and designer who makes mixed media collage and sculpture that might appear superficially decorative or humorous, but there is a narrative beyond the decoration that aims to provoke a specific response of disquiet.

David Emmanuel Noel
David Emmanuel Noel Art, Design and Illustrations
Visual artist and curator

David Emmanuel Noel

Official website of David Emmanuel Noel FRSA

Artist /designer with a background in visual & performing arts, architecture and building design with interest in the therapeutic benefits of art in public spaces. He's here to share and discuss all things creative and artistic! David has collaborated on cross disciplinary projects, taught art and worked closely with bodies such as New York’s Groundswell Community Mural Project, the UK Department of Health and NSPCC with an aim to promote the social and therapeutic benefits of art in public spaces.

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