Me at Future Visions
Venting in Ryebank (film still)

Eva Joy Lawrence


I am a multidisciplinary artivist whose ideas circulate around protest, apocalyptic possibilities, climate change and utopia. I often take an anarchic view to traditional spaces for art and prefer using public interventions and community collaborations to spark energy for change. I grew up in Brentford and I have a degree in Fine Art and Art History from Manchester School of Art and The University of Barcelona. I am currently based in London and I have always lived in cities; the grit and absurdity of which are often captured in my works. My practice sits on a line between humour and horror, humour being a useful tool with which to approach hyperobjects such as the climate crisis and neoliberal global capitalism. I regularly use recycled materials and objects collected from the streets to make work as an act of non-monetary exchange, community cleaning and through which I enjoy subverting the elitism which surrounds the art world.

Hyein Choi
Currently running 'Mobile Community Museum' project in North Acton for bringing the history and the people of the area together.
Social designer

Hyein Choi

Adding soon/ Instagram @hailey_huiren

A social designer who wants to make groundbreaking changes in our society.
Currently running 'Mobile Community Museum' project in North Acton for bringing the history and the people of the area together.

A self portrait of myself, Sarah Olive Edwards, made using a pink cuddly blanket and lots of colourful ribbons outlinging a face a shoulders.
A photo of a brightly coloured acrylic painting named 'Ruby' of a fat & gorgeous person feeling great, cropped so it includes only her body and upper thighs.
Mixed media painter

Sarah Olive Edwards


Learning in my thirties that I'm autistic has resulted in a journey of reflection, re-evaluation and self love. I paint those who identify as women and non-binary in order to improve compassion towards my internal & external self, relearning a lifetime of neurotypical conditioning and the effects of capitalism on the way I view myself, and to see bodies as the work of art they are.

I create mixed media pieces, primarily using acrylics, and simple materials such as gel wax pens and oil pastels.

The Stars, The Sea and My Longing
Multidisciplinary Artist

Laura Bodo Lajber


In every work I create, I put all I have inside. Every piece tells a story, and it is the result of a very specific feeling. All of them are unique pieces created in a time of internal burning. I find no sense in creating a piece without having a strong sickening need to do so. My pieces are made of fire.



poliedric artist with a keen eye to every material and shape, nature inspired, compromised by the industrial. definitelly gone on my strange way

series #1

Wai Lok Cheung


My practice is about boundaries. I believe The rise of the idea of “posthuman” had, in many ways, shaken the fundamentals of dualism. To think that there is an absolute binary relationship between human and machines, nature and culture, object and image, identity, gender ... etc, is simply missing a lot regarding the quintessence of being. And I believe this “missing” is where contemporary art needto engage. Thus I like to work around blurring and challenging these boundaries.I work with image, live art and various forms of media.

I am currently working withbiometric data and computer language, and how the entanglement of the two creating a condition where I am in between physical and non - physical existence, me becoming together with the machine.

Leanne Armstrong graphic designer and illustrator
Leanne Creative greeting card and gift illustration and portraits
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Leanne Armstrong

Leanne's website and portfolio

Leanne is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and illustrator based in South London. She has experience working with a variety of clients on anything from flyers, children’s books, wall decals, logos, magazines and more. Using vivid colour and complimentary graphics, she creates attractive and compelling designs, with harmony between imagery and typography.

Red construction
Blue construction

Charlie King

I’m a sculptor and tattoo artist, very interested in line, form and composition. I’m inspired by mid 20th century artists and a big fan of industrial art. I like working with reliefs to explore boundaries between painting and sculpture. I post my work @charlieking2000 on Instagram!

South Acton street art
Big Mother, Acton.



Stik started painting unofficial, socially conscious murals in his hometown of Hackney, East London in 2001. His simple stick figures wordlessly tell the story of his community and he frequently collaborates with hospitals, charities and homeless organisations. Working from his East London studio, these projects are largely self-funded and he now creates monumental artworks with communities across the world.

Into the Wild
Painter and performance

Alexander Michael

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