Elizabeth Groth
Cloud Seven, Madrid, Spain
Painting, installation, sculpture, collage, print, fibers

Elizabeth Groth


Elizabeth Groth is a Texan artist & educator in North Acton, London.

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Artist and musician

Martin Lau


Martin's practice reflects a lifelong fascination with a non-dualistic conception of the world, which both feeds and is informed by his interest in Buddhism, where states considered to be binary opposites can co-exist in the same time and place. The heightened sense of reality as encountered in dreams and moments of clarity is at the core of his work. His pursuit of photography, video and timbre-based electronic music can be traced back to his school days.

Photomontage and music has been the basis of much of his recent practice, but he employs whichever medium he finds most appropriate for a given project, and works include sculpture, assemblage, and chocolates moulded from his own body. He performs and records under the name "Flooded Access", and in the audio/visual project "on&off"

Richard Elson, Amira camera
Richard Elson on the set of Scrutiny

Richard Elson

Personal website

Writer and Director for TV, film and theatre.
Self shooting artist and photographer in traditional and 360 virtual reality filming.
Passionate about social justice and the environment.
Phone number is my agent's number (Andrew Naylor, United Agents)

A self portrait of myself, Sarah Olive Edwards, made using a pink cuddly blanket and lots of colourful ribbons outlinging a face a shoulders.
A photo of a brightly coloured acrylic painting named 'Ruby' of a fat & gorgeous person feeling great, cropped so it includes only her body and upper thighs.
Mixed media painter

Sarah Olive Edwards


Learning in my thirties that I'm autistic has resulted in a journey of reflection, re-evaluation and self love. I paint those who identify as women and non-binary in order to improve compassion towards my internal & external self, relearning a lifetime of neurotypical conditioning and the effects of capitalism on the way I view myself, and to see bodies as the work of art they are.

I create mixed media pieces, primarily using acrylics, and simple materials such as gel wax pens and oil pastels.

Lily Mixe. The sea butterfly garden.
Whale. Shoreditch. Lily Mixe
Street Art

Lily Mixe

? Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ? Albe…

Lily Mixe is a graphic artist originating from Paris who has now based herself within the creative hot bed of London, UK.
Lily?s artwork moves from paper and canvas, found objects and onto the surface of walls in the street.

At the centre of the work is Nature and in particular the Ocean. The subjects are otherworldly, aliens from our own planet. Specimens that offer reminders of how beautiful and complex life on Earth can be and how much of our own planet is unknown and undiscovered.

Inspired by numerous diving expeditions, and hundreds of notebooks and studies of animals and plants, the work is both familiar and unusual. Lily states, ?The work examines life under the surface, the incredible unseen, silent beings we take for granted. I want to give a visual voice to the natural world. I want to celebrate nature in the same way we value precious stones and rare artefacts, I place nature as the highest currency on planet earth?

Lily?s work mutates. It starts as a sketch, it builds and becomes a form, filling and layering textures and patterns that give it a life of its own. The art lives in books, on paper, found objects and ultimately become fully realised when added to the landscape; pasted to bricks and cement, continuing to change over time, changing with the weather, with plants, pollution, graffiti.

The work really starts to take shape once lily walks away. Making the art is only half of the process, placement of the piece is key to its completion, the transient and brutal spirit of nature frames the work, pasting drawings to a wall is an offering, and a sacrifice, an experiment, to see the drawings grow, change, and often be destroyed by the environment and time.

Candid street photographer armed with a camera

Yasmin Centeno

This is my personal portfolio

I am a photographer based out of Acton. I specialise in outdoor photography, mainly street, fashion, portrait and travel. I am happy to do commissions and shoots.

Recent photo during the exhibition with Ealing Beats.
Sculpture made from laser pieces. Brighter days coming after a difficult tunnel.
Fine Artist specialising in a mix of printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture and installation

Ruby Khan


Ruby Khan is a London based contemporary artist. She has recently graduated with a Fine Arts BA (Hons) degree at the University of East London. She specialises in printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Her work intends to trigger ideas around the diversity and history of London from a personal perspective. Her work is celebrating the physical and emotional journey she has undertaken throughout her life. At a young age, Ruby attended art therapy sessions during her childhood; Art supported her throughout her life in speaking and writing. At the age of five, Ruby was diagnosed with a speech-language impairment affecting her self-confidence. Through the
ongoing support of a charity called Contact a Family, Ruby has grown into a strong independent and fearless individual expressed in her prints. Inspired by German expressionist art as she uses shapes, abstract colours and gestural mark-making. She is available for commissions.

Bumblebee drawing
Oil painting of a prawn
Painting & Photography

Laura Gompertz


Laura is a local artist and has lived in Chiswick for most of her life.

She was originally a theatre designer, creating sets and costumes for Alan Ayckbourn premieres, pantomimes, touring shows and film. She has worked as an interior designer since 2008, building up an award winning interior design practice specialising in bespoke kitchens, Laura Gompertz Interiors.

Every year she has an open studio weekend in West London with Artists At Home and she shows regularly with the artists' collective ArtCan as well as elsewhere.

Laura's paintings are in private collections worldwide

London's pop-up dog photography service
London's pop-up dog photography service

Fetch Photos

Fetch Photos Instagram page

London's "pup-up" dog photography service... Bringing communities closer through the love of dogs and photography.

Artist In Action - Captured by Street Art Atlas
Street Artist



Morgan Davy, Full time, self taught, British outsider artist,
Spray painting the streets since 2001, and working with clients, running workshops and curating events since 2004.

Art residencies include: Lebanon, Africa, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland and Paris..
Art collectives include : TAA - RA - MSC - RMC - ETL - REK - PBC…

Most often known for his style of improvisational street art under the
name ‘MORGASMIK’, lesser known under such aliases as ‘MORGANARCHY’,
‘MORGANIC’ ‘ ‘MORGANISM’ which are used by the artist to portray a
vast range of explorational mediums and alternative creative platforms.

Art critic Nick Razzo once described one of Morgan’s pieces
"Like a sort of hypnagogic supernova all mixed up with Francis Bacon
and the brain scans of someone enjoying an orgasm. At one point it
seems like a sea of rare chemicals on a distant planet, at another it
resembles a monstrous bird. The attention to detail is awesome,
ensuring that if you are examining it from three inches away or 10 feet,
you get a mighty jolt of aesthetic pleasure. If this nature of art was a
genre of music, it could be found under a ’psychedelic surf-funk’ section!”

Almost as if an act of social, or self-therapy, each piece he paints in public, is like an an expressive
statement, or a peaceful protest in restoring the value of human potential & faith in Artistic freedom.

His intentions are to become a unique & personal experience to the viewer, stimulating new thought
patterns & imagination, inviting them to look within and awaken an inner depth of dormant senses,
breaking down possible conditioning and preconceived notions the viewer may have along the way,
whilst connecting with them through a mutual resonance in the universal language of Art & inspiration.

This is important to Morgan, as he witnesses and is sensitive to the dull lack of honest creativity
+ colour use in societies day-to-day capital, and with this motive, attempts to restore imbalances by
decorating urban grey matter with his rosy glow of colour vitality & free-flowing pattern undulation,
A calling to the direction of Art to be more inclusive, free and publicly accessible to wider audiences.

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