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Royal Road

Mohammad Yassin


Brighter days coming after a difficult tunnel.
Drawing, printmaking, painting, photography,installation and sculpture.

Ruby Khan

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Ruby has recently graduated with a Fine Arts BA (Hons) degree at the University of East London. She specialises in printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Her work intends to trigger ideas around the diversity and history of London from a personal perspective. Her work is celebrating the physical and emotional journey she has undertaken throughout her life.; Art supported her throughout her life in speaking and writing. At the age of five, Ruby was diagnosed with a speech-language impairment affecting her self-confidence. Through the ongoing support of a charity called Contact a Family, Ruby has grown into a strong independent and fearless individual expressed in her prints. Inspired by German expressionist art as she uses shapes, abstract colours and gestural mark-making. She is available for commissions.

Richard Elson, Amira camera
Richard Elson on the set of Scrutiny

Richard Elson

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Writer and Director for TV, film and theatre.
Self shooting artist and photographer in traditional and 360 virtual reality filming.
Passionate about social justice and the environment.
Phone number is my agent's number (Andrew Naylor, United Agents)

Vivien Phelan
Vivien Ceramics

Vivien Phelan


I was a local district nurse for many years,following retirement, I obtained a degree in ceramic and glass .I have enjoyed making many animals & figures sinces. My claim to fame is that during lockdown I appeared on BBC1 show
" Home is where the art is" series 2 episode 11. The commission was for a personalised piece of the person and all the things she likes in her life. Find out more at my website: www.ceramicandglass.co.uk

my last portrait
oil painting on canvas
Oil painting, jewelry making

Beata Maria Kolodynska


I am an artist passionate about many fields of art, but I mainly deal with oil painting and creating copper jewelry. My inspiration is nature, through the world of plants, animals and landscapes. In my works, I sometimes like to refer to impressionistic lights and colors, and sometimes I want to create decorative fairy-tale worlds. When creating jewelry, I am inspired by the raw patterns of primitive old cultures.

A self portrait of myself, Sarah Olive Edwards, made using a pink cuddly blanket and lots of colourful ribbons outlinging a face a shoulders.
A photo of a brightly coloured acrylic painting named 'Ruby' of a fat & gorgeous person feeling great, cropped so it includes only her body and upper thighs.
Mixed media painter

Sarah Olive Edwards


Learning in my thirties that I'm autistic has resulted in a journey of reflection, re-evaluation and self love. I paint those who identify as women and non-binary in order to improve compassion towards my internal & external self, relearning a lifetime of neurotypical conditioning and the effects of capitalism on the way I view myself, and to see bodies as the work of art they are.

I create mixed media pieces, primarily using acrylics, and simple materials such as gel wax pens and oil pastels.

In the studio
Some of my artworks
Drawer and painter



I'm a new artist. I used to draw in my teens age and later as most of us just give up. Now the pandemic makes me go back to my hobbie. Unfortunately, I have no website yet but using social media.

Sarah McAlister
Turn to the light: bobbin lace, wire and glass

Sarah McAlister

I am a textile and mixed media artist working with found objects. My mission is to re-use and recycle discarded materials in a transformative way. Recognising that an alternative view can also be beautiful.
I run creative workshops at my local library.

I am a self-taught artist who has lived in the borough for twenty-two years. I only started painting and drawing in 2013 and have found it to be a liberating experience for me personally.
Blue in Green is a mixed media piece that started with photography that was digitally manipulated, printed onto A1 280 gram paper and then painted on.
Acrylic and digital

Richard Cook


My interest is in the play of colour and texture as they revolve around nature and people. I use digital software to re-work sketches, painting and photographic images to explore the play of colour, texture and line that presents itself. It's a multi-layered approach whereby original sketches and photographs may be re-worked, re-painted and then re-worked a number of times till completion of the final image – a process that can take many months. My aim is to delight and surprise the viewer – for them to see and feel an abstraction of the familiar re-presented from a new perspective.

Into the Wild
Painter and performance

Alexander Michael

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