Blue Print Cyanotypes by Margot Peters

    Cyanotype image of nu-metal musician

    Blue Print Cyanotypes by Margot Peters

    Blue Print Cyanotypes by Margot Peters W3 Gallery

    Blue Print is a display of unique cyanotype prints by Margot Peters designed to be fully visible from the street whilst the W3 Gallery is temporarily closed due to Covid 19.

    Cyanotype, a method of camera-less photography, discovered by scientist William Herschel in 1842 and used in the reproduction of scientific notes and blueprints, lends itself to a celebration of botanical form.

    Every image is unique, as, even in successive prints using the same objects, the precise combination of chemical mix, exposure and object placement can never be exactly reproduced.

    The digital age has opened up the possibilities of the Cyanotype as an artistic medium: the original process, where objects are placed directly on paper or cloth which has been treated with a chemical emulsion and exposed to direct light from either the sun or an UV lamp, can be combined with transfer film on which digital photographs have been printed to make unusual collages.



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