W3 gallery, W3 9DJ

    W3 9DJ

    W3 gallery, W3 9DJ

    Cultural hub

    W3 gallery is an arts and cultural hub in Acton, benefitting the area with dynamic arts activities and the growth of a vibrant cultural sector.

    Supporting local artists to share and sell their work, exhibiting students of art alongside professional artists, whilst providing an accessible arts venue attractive to those that may not normally visit galleries, as well as affordable art made by local artists. The range of activities and events at the gallery appeal to Actons diverse communities, valuing their contributions and welcoming opportunities to create and express culture.

    W3 gallery is a small but malleable space at 185 High Street, Acton (W3 6DJ) hosting temporary exhibitions and events throughout the year with a flexible approach to its calendar and projection as a space for hire. We are happy to negotiate with anybody from amateurs to professionals interested in utilising the gallery around our internal exhibitions. The gallery is run by volunteers including local artists regularly engaged with our work.

    W3 gallery is managed by ARTification, a non-profit organisation. ARTification has been delivering innovative, empowering arts experiences since 2003 having built a reputation as a trusted, community rooted cultural organisation. We develop new relationships, generate imaginative experiences and unite neighbourhoods and their people. We are building on our work programme in London and beyond, embedding our projects through our connecting locus. We build on our positive relationships and work closely with the other partners to make a success of the initiatives we undertake. ARTification animates and celebrates through the arts, enlivening areas across the generations utilising arts and enterprise, communities, creative industries and culture.

    The W3 gallery is at the heart of cultural arts in West London. We utilize the prime, high street location to run a number of ventures including:

    1. Space for ARTification to deliver our cultural programme and community arts projects

    2. Themed programme of Visual arts exhibitions

    3. Performance opportunities (spoken word, acoustic et al)

    4. Arts & cultural venue and meeting place of cultural industries

    5. Events and functions, meetings and socials

    6. Delivering a range of arts, music and literary tasters and workshops

    7. Community engagement programme

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