Pavilion update

    Arts & Culture at North Acton Pavilion with Society Dance

    Pavilion update

    North Acton Pavilion

    ARTification has been operating as a charity in and around West London for over two decades. Of foremost importance to us is adhering to our charitable objects and connecting and transforming our community through art.

    Since 2017 ARTification has had the privilege of running the North Acton Pavilion. Two years ago, the charity made the decision to offer a café service at the Pavilion, which Mr Yahya Almssol was engaged to run. The term of ARTification’s agreement with Mr Almssol comes to an end on the 7th June 2024.

    The trustees of ARTification routinely review the charity’s operations and have determined that it is in the best interests of the charity and North Acton Pavilion that ARTification should resume control of the entire Pavilion space, including the café. This means that we will not be renewing Mr Almssol’s agreement when it ends. We do however intend to continue to utilise the space in furtherance of our charity’s objects and vision of service to the community, about which we are passionate.

    As far as the charity’s agreement with Mr Almssol is concerned, we have sought to and are confident that at all times we have acted in accordance with the terms of our agreement and best practice.

    In the coming months we will be updating the community with our plans for the Pavilion and we look forward to welcoming you into the space in the near future.