Carnival 2020

    Stardust Mas & Pan

    Carnival 2020

    A virtual event

    Virtual Acton Carnival 2020.  I wanted to extend thanks from ARTification to all of those who made the virtual Acton Carnival 2020 a success! Unprecedented times called for an innovative response, and carnival people willing to showcase and share in a time of isolation.

    A huge thank you to all of the Acton Carnival showcase performers for responding at such short notice to the call for virtual Acton Carnival 2020 acts. From a conversation a few weeks ago (thanks for posing that question Mike McKenzie!) we are proud to have presented an amazing and varied programme of costume, live music, DJ’ing and dance.

    Thank you to all, and significantly to Leathon Lacrette & the Tippa Audio family for the music & vibes, and Specky for MCing; to Mike McKenzie from DrumCam for filming & livestreaming, & to Natasha Thompson for the photography (a taste of which you can see below).

    A special mention to the acts for putting the live into the virtual! To Elevate Arts youth dancers for their amazing, timely & conscious BLM dance, and to Lucy Loughlin for the online choreography preparing the girls to open carnival 2020. Thanks to Reggie 'Skipper' Passe for the music; Drummers of Dance Carib for the rhythm, roots and energy. Thank you to Rena and R Consultancy mas extravaganza with representation from Soca Saga Boys, Windrush19, Utopia Mas, Fantasea Desings and soca aerobics from Caribsafitnes. Thanks to Eddie Capone 3G Treatment for music dedicated to the Lockdown experience. Thanks to Rhonda Baptiste for the carnival history & presentation of the Stardust Mas & Pan family. Thanks to Tippa Audio DJ’s & Soca DJ Scobie for playing.

    Thanks also to the ARTification team, & all those who supported the virtual event. Live streaming audiences of more than 10,000, with more visitors reliving the event via link:

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