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    Project Update

    East Acton Old Town, New Town has been a success so far. The project has received more and more interest from all sorts of people living in and around East Acton, outside of London and even Texas! Its been an accomplishment not only for us but for the participants who have networked with new people with similar interests.

    The project recently held a number of training sessions in Oral History, Film Making and Photography and will provide more in the next year for newcomers. Look out for the next newsletter and Acton ArtsWebsite (links above).  We've also held trips to Gunnersbury Museum and Heritage walks in and around East Acton.

    The filming for the East Acton documentary film is well underway with a number of interviews already taking place and more scheduled in the coming year.
    The history club that has been taking place at John Perryn Primary School since September is almost coming to an end. There has been lots of interest from pupils where they have been involved in a range of heritage activities including interviewing for the East Acton film. Gunnersbury Museum also got involved with the history club and brought along Victorian costumes for the kids to dress up. The sessions also took place during lessons which encompassed the Year 6 students to learn the history of East Acton. 

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