The Lockdown King

    Leathon Lacrette

    The Lockdown King


    Celebrating someone that has made life better for people through his creativity, resilience, and community spirit. Thank you to Leathon Lacrette for being who you are and doing what you do! 

    Leathon Lacrette has been crowned the Lockdown King, entertaining and providing a lifeline for thousands of people across London & the world. Dedicated to improving the lives of people in the community, his passion for people drove him to begin a weekly musical escapade that would ease the experience of isolation, bringing enjoyment and connection. He has recently received awards for entertaining the people, with appreciation & acknowledgment:

    "... What you have done Leathon - is that you've taken up your torch to shine your light in giving us hope, bringing people together from all over the globe in your words 'catering for all' and a chance for us to interact with each other because that's what you like to see - 'everyone in good spirits'. ... You're a true asset to our community! 💗💗💗  Congratulations." (Rising Evie Nadz Mitch)

    "You play music from the heart! You have no agenda other than to entertain. ... Officially the mayor of west London. 👑" (Seani B)

    Catch Leathon every Sunday from 2 pm:

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