Celebratory event



    Unveiling Bollo Brook Park Mural. 

    ARTification is proud to have hosted our 2nd MyMural with Georgia Green and Marina Renee Cemmick. The project has been exemplary in its partnership approach. Local people helped to shape the brief.  Residents & partners voted and shortlisted their preferred art & artists.  There have been school workshops, young people's training in the art of mural making. Special thanks to Kai, Tyrone and Andzelica for their invaluable input.  Thanks to Ealing, Central St Martin's, MyMural & Stik for supporting art in the public realm. Thanks to Berrymede Junior school and Bollo Youth Club for a wonderful partnership. Thanks also to local photographers & residents: Danny, Tasha & Syreta for some fab images capturing the mural making. 

    The mural was officially opened by MP Rupa Huq, Jan Anderson from Ealing Council, Berrymede Head Lubna Khan, ARTification Director Rachel Pepper & Marcus Willcocks from University of the Arts with reference to ARTifications public art co-creation model.

    Photo credit to Tasha Thompson, Instagram: @focus_photography.tm


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