A.P.P.L.E's Kitchen and Garden Project


    A.P.P.L.E's Kitchen and Garden Project

    Donations Needed!

    A.P.P.L.E. is a multi-activity centre based in Acton Park which welcomes children and young people from the surrounding area including many living in disadvantaged or difficult circumstances.

    Over 10 years ago A.P.P.L.E embarked on a project to improve the diet of children and young people inspired by Jamie Oliver’s campaign to improve school dinners.

    What started as trying to improve young people diets through access to fresh, home cooked meals eaten in a family setting has been overtaken by food poverty, school holiday hunger and health problems from obesity through cheap, high sugar and fat food to small children with rotten teeth.  (Acton has so many fast food outlets on the high street it came up in Parliament).

    A.P.P.L.E are passionate about teaching children and young people to cook- more than that -  in the planning and preparation of  meals, literally, how the dinner gets on the table - from reading recipes, budgeting, shopping, laying the table, timing, to clearing up. And the joy and pleasure of eating healthy, home-cooked meals in good company.

    We are seeing more children and young people than ever (50 turned up at Cooking Club last Thursday- it was mayhem!) We are operating flat out against a background of severe cuts to youth provisions (56% cut to youth clubs and 77% cut to voluntary groups working with young people in London). Cuts also, to all the services that support struggling families.

    A.P.P.L.E actually does something. Please look at our







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