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    Arab Women Artists


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    Hello ActonArab women artists exhibition brings together the work of London-based Arabic artists. We are happy to dedicate the gallery to this special exhibition featuring the work of Soulaf Al MaghottSummer Baden, Maisoon Alrubaiee, Asmahan Al KarjosliHana Hafez, Zainab KazemeJinan A MakiQuds Alsamaw.   The exhibition has been curated by Yousif Naser and has been put together to celebrate the work of these outstanding artists. The exhibition is set to coincide with the globally recognised International Women’s Day. There will be two events: one on the 1st of March to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, and the other on international women’s day, the 8th of March.

    W3 gallery

    185 High Street, Acton, W3 9DJ

    51.5072725, -0.2719152

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