Open House

    Building Blocks

    Open House

    Building Blocks

    ARTi Architecture Festival


    An opportunity to engage local people

    through the activities across the weekend with the themes and ideas of London

    Open House and the Great Place Programme. ARTification managed,

    coordinated and oversaw workshops in the Park Royal venues providing

    opportunities to engage a wider audience in the London Open House project.


    ACE Cafe

    ACE cafe  Biker / motor & building creative activities were successful, appropriate and engaging.

    Complemented by venue events on both days. Good numbers too with great

    feedback from all. 


    Creative at Ace: “I really enjoyed the weekend and was delighted to get to

    experience the ACE Cafe. We used the space in front of the stage as the cycles

    on the stage drew people to us and encouraged them to have their photos

    taken with the bikes. A colleague from the OPDC table on Sunday commented

    that the Open House had not been advertised enough (he did not have many

    people come over to his table). People really loved making the key rings and

    by far the car number plates were the most popular. People spent time sharing

    their stories. What interesting people came by. I really enjoyed this aspect. One

    story of the Bauhaus Biker Head in a Hole': He's a man from Newcastle in his 70s.

    He was there with his wife of 52 years. They met when he was a rocker and she

    was a mod. They still ride a motorbike with her on the Queen seat. They were 

    showing their friends also from Newcastle the cafe for the first time; all four pals

    were lovely.”


    The Collective
    The Collective activities were visually strong, engaging and thought-provoking

    for participants with discussions around the concept of 'Smart Cities' & the

    opportunity to incorporate their vision.

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