Afghan Academy International

    Promoting Peace, Education, Culture, Arts, Critical Thinking, Freedom of Speech
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    As a charitable, independent and non-political, non-tribal voluntary community organisation, Afghan Academy International is the first educational, cultural, arts and social group working in the UK since the early 1980s.

    By providing a unique range of activities, as well as welfare and social services, the Academy aims to support Afghan refugees and Afghans resident in the UK and abroad to achieve a better living standard, health, standard of education, cultural understanding, employment, business opportunities and better integration.

    This is achieved through advice, information and guidance, as well as co-operation and networking with other organisations, local authorities, professionals, scholars, poets, artists and musicians.

    The Academy aims to promote and preserve the Afghan identity and cultural heritage, whilst promoting critical thinking, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and academic liberty for a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures and international norms, as global citizens.

    The Academy welcomes your thoughts, knowledge and intellectual and artistic contributions to further its aims and objectives.