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    Acton Street Art

    Bringing Art to the streets of West London

    The proliferation of street art in Acton is due to a number of factors.  Significant is the relationship ARTification has as a creative bridging organisation, forming a link between the local authority and street artists.  Identifying a suitable wall, artists respond to the physical location and community, design site-specific art, which we then present to the local authority for approval.  Council officers have been incredibly positive and open to the project, with some 20 pieces of street art across the neighbourhood to date.

    ATM has contributed significantly to putting Acton on the street art map with his evocative 'Big Bird' pieces referencing native species and conservation issues.  Stiks 'Big Mother' reflects on the demise of social housing and the impact of gentrification on the community. Both of these artists reflect the concerns of local people in an area of urban and social transformation.

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