Citizen 2020 ii


    Citizen 2020 ii

    Sharing stories & creating art

    C2020II addresses the need for a more proactive, creative and effective initiative in supporting understanding, integration and participation of diverse communities through:

    • Qualitative accredited training will explore identity,
    • Discuss, envision, create artwork and expressions that empower,
    • Share this experience and personal journey through an exhibition.

    Sessions start this summer at W3 gallery with our experienced team. We will build to an exhibition of work and sharing of stories at the gallery later in the year.

    The project will address the identified needs of marginalization and isolation by:

    1. Bringing together people of different faiths and/or ethnicities, to explore their personal and community legacies as a foundation to build friendships and relationships of trust.
    2. Working locally. Focus on people living in South Acton and support them to come together as a community.
    3. Working sustainably. Foster long-term relationships that will grow and last. We will evaluate and evidence the impact of the project and share the project ideas via the website.
    4. Work to improve the community. Support people to make their communities a better place to live now and into the future.
    5. Involve diverse people in planning and doing - ensuring that all are involved in shaping the project.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Citizen 2020 II South Acton project and joining us for a reflective and creative journey, email

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    Funded by

    Acton Gardens Community Chest & Near Neighbours

    Acton Gardens

    Project organizer

    Rachel Pepper


    020 8896 9247